3 reasons you need Renters Insurance

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3 reasons you need Renters Insurance

Living in the Bay Area, renters insurance should be a much hotter topic than it’s given credit for. It seems more and more common that landlords are requiring their tenants to purchase renters insurance as a requirement on the lease agreement. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who haven’t been properly educated on why they should have renters coverage. I’d like to go over a few reasons why renters insurance is so important.

Personal Property

This is one of the top reasons that one should purchase renters insurance. In case the building was robbed, the renters policy will provide coverage to replace one’s items. There seems to be a general misconception that personal property is covered by the landlord’s liability policy. This is NOT true. Most policies will not cover tenant’s personal property if something were to happen. How much money would it cost to replace all of your personal belongings?

Liability Coverage

This coverage is the main reason that your landlord is requiring you to get the policy in the first place. If you accidentally leave the water running when you leave the house and it floods, affecting the unit living downstairs, this part of the policy will protect you from getting sued. Also, if you accidentally left the stove on and it started a fire burning down 2 units, this coverage will save you a lot of money and headache. Minimum coverage starts at $100,000 and doesn’t cost much to raise the limits.

Protect Items IN Your Vehicle

This is especially important in the Bay Area. This coverage applies to cars being broken into and items being stolen. When somebody breaks into a vehicle and steals a laptop, your auto insurance will cover the broken window. Many people assume that the auto policy will also cover the stolen laptop, but it doesn’t. That stolen laptop would be covered by a renters policy or homeowners policy. With car break-ins rising in the Bay Area, why wouldn’t you want to make sure to protect those items and have some peace of mind?

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