Frequently Asked Questions

What is SafeButler?

SafeButler is a free service that helps consumers get the best insurance deals, effortlessly.

How is SafeButler different from price comparison sites?

SafeButler differs from price comparison sites in three big ways.

  • SafeButler gets quotes from ALL major insurance companies. To our knowledge, nobody else does this.
  • SafeButler gets guaranteed quotes. SafeButler gives you a Buy button next to the quotes whereas price comparison sites give you a Call button.
  • SafeButler provides lifetime automated insurance shopping. With no effort on your part, it is continuously on the lookout for better deals. Whenever a better deal is found, you are notified. A single button tap is all it takes to switch. SafeButler will automatically buy the new policy and cancel the old policy.
  • How is SafeButler different from a broker?

    SafeButler will quote from all top brands that regular brokers won’t or can’t quote from.

    How much does SafeButler service cost me?

    Nothing, zero, nada.

    Does SafeButler mark up the price?

    No. The quoted price is the same whether it comes through SafeButler or directly from the insurance company.

    What insurance can SafeButler shop for me?

    Auto, Homeowner, Landlord, Renters, Umbrella are currently supported. If you need other types of insurance, please contact

    What brands does SafeButler quote from?

    You will get guaranteed quotes from ALL top insurance companies.

    Does SafeButler make changes to my insurance without my approval?

    No. SafeButler will never make any changes to your insurance without your explicit approval. No approval, no change. Period.

    Do I have to wait until the renewal date to use switch insurance?

    No. Your insurance company will refund you the unused premium. In fact, drivers with ticket or accident history usually enjoy significant savings when they switch immediately when the ticket or accident becomes three years old. A few insurance companies do charge a cancellation fee. SafeButler will factor in the cancellation fee when calculating the recommendation. It will either recommend an immediate switch if the savings outweigh the fee if any, or orchestrate a switch on the renewal date to avoid the fee. In any case, you can let SafeButler shop for you and maximize your savings.

    Should I switch every six months?

    Your insurance company will refund you the unused premium. However, if you cancel before the first renewal, your refund may be reduced. SafeButler will factor in the refund reduction when calculating the recommendation.

    Does SafeButler sell my personal info?

    No. Only the absolute minimum info required to generate quotes is shared with the insurance companies.

    Will I receive spam phone calls or emails?

    No. Only the insurance company that you buy a new policy from will get your phone number and email. Because residence address is required for accurate quoting, the insurance companies SafeButler gets the quotes from will have your residence address. They may send flyers to your mailbox. You can simply ignore them.