SafeButler FAQ

Confident Insurance Shopping, Explained

SafeButler is a free comparison tool that searches hundreds of insurance websites at once to find the information you need to make the right decisions on insurance. By bringing the technology and transparency into the insurance quotes, we enable our customers to have full insights on the insurance policies so that they can shop confidently.

Traditional insurance comparison sites work with a limited number of small brands. This means you're not able to get quotes from top carriers.

SafeButler is built differently. We gather information from a full list of insurance carriers including those nation-wide top carriers.

Policy insights is a unique feature of SafeButler. We gathered the pros and cons of the policies provided from different carriers so that you will be able to have a more transparent view of different carriers instead of focusing purely on the price.

No. We collect minimal information from you so that we can get rates which are close enough to the amount you will be charged. The final premiums are usually determined by more sensitive information including your claim history, driving history (for auto insurance), or credit history (in some states) which we don't collect.

Nothing, zero, nada.

No. The quoted price is the same whether it comes through SafeButler or directly from the insurance company. When you purchase the policy, you'll be redirected to the carriers' site to finish the transaction.

We currently support Renters, Life, Condo, and Homeowner Insurance and are working hard to launch Auto Insurance shortly. Check back soon!

You will get quotes from all top insurance companies.