As an insurance consumer, you have probably heard the pitch from an agent or carrier that you should move all your auto/home/landlord/motorcycle/life policies to the same carrier. Why? You get the bundling discounts to save money. Is that really true?

Well, most carriers do offer some bundling discounts. But it doesn’t always mean you save money by bundling. For instance, we have seen cases where carrier A offers cheap auto quotes with expensive home quotes while carrier B offers expensive auto quotes with cheap home quotes. Instead of getting a discount from a high bundled price from either carrier, our users saved money by putting their auto with carrier A and home with carrier B.

To figure out the best choice for our users, our computer recommendation system shuffles through a ton of combinations, bundled or unbundled. This is a task that human agents rarely perform, for multiple reasons. First, the amount of work required is generally too much for humans. Second, more importantly, a carrier has no incentive to put any client with a competitor even when unbundling means a better deal for the consumer. As SafeButler, we take pride in putting consumers first. As the Earth’s most consumer-centric insurance organization, we invite all insurance consumers to hold us accountable to that bar.