A List of Auto Insurance Refund Programs for COVID-19

A List of Auto Insurance Refund Programs for COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are staying home and off the roads. With fewer cars and less driving happening, the likelihood of accidents has also declined. Due to these circumstances, as well as the financial hardships that many Americans have faced in the last few months, a number of insurance companies have announced special discounts on auto insurance premiums. Although many companies have ended their initial offerings as more states have loosened up their stay-at-home orders, there is a handful that is still providing relief to their customers. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of insurance companies with special discounts and what they're offering.

This list is updated as of October 8th, 2020.

Deals Currently Active

These are the discounts being offered by insurance companies that you can take advantage of now.

American Family - 10% Refund for New and Existing Customers


American Family's Auto Premium Relief Credit program is offering a 10% refund on auto premiums to both new and existing customers with policies in force between July-December 2020. This return credit will be automatically applied and have no effect on customers' future rates. For more information, visit American Family's coronavirus response page.

Amica - 10% Refund for Up to Four Months


The Amica COVID-19 Auto Refund Program will provide a 10% refund to customers on their monthly auto premiums over a period of up to four months. New customers are also eligible for this discount as long as their new auto policies are written before the end of the year. To learn more about this program, visit Amica's website.

Mercury - 15% Return on Monthly Premiums


With its Insurance Customer Giveback Program, Mercury is giving its customers a 15% refund on monthly personal auto insurance premiums. Additionally, it is also offering a 10% return on monthly business auto premiums, as well as 15% back on select commercial multi-peril policy monthly premiums. Giveback timeframes vary by state, so visit Mercury's COVID-19 resources page for more information.

NJM - Flexible Payment Plans


As more drivers have returned to the road, accident probability has increased. However, many Americans are still struggling financially due to the pandemic, so some insurance companies, like NJM, are providing flexible payment plans to policyholders as a form of relief. To learn more and apply, visit NJM's coronavirus resources page.

State Farm - Rate Cuts Initiative


In April 2020, State Farm provided a $2 billion dividend to auto insurance customers. While that period has ended, the company has launched an initiative to reduce auto rates in every state. So far, State Farm has cut rates by $2.2. billion, which translates to a national decrease average of 11%. For more information, take a look at State Farm's latest update on their COVID-19 response.

Travelers - 15% Refund on April, May, and June Premiums


Through Travelers' Stay-At-Home Auto Premium Credit Program, customers will automatically be given a 15% return credit on their personal auto insurance premiums from the months of April, May, and June 2020. This comes after Travelers provided billing relief to their customers for the period between March to June. Visit Travelers' COVID-19 page for more information.

Inactive Deals

Although these offers are no longer in effect, if you have auto insurance from these companies, go back and make sure that these discounts got applied to your account.

Allstate - 15% Return on Premiums


Allstate customers received a 15% refund on their auto insurance premiums for the months of April, May, and June through the Allstate Shelter-in-Place Payback program. The insurer also allowed customers to request a special payment plan that let them skip two premium payments without any penalty. With the rise in food delivery services throughout the pandemic, Allstate also offered extended coverage to consumers who wanted to use their vehicles for food delivery. To find out more about Allstate's coronavirus relief efforts, visit its website.

GEICO - 15% Credit on Auto and Cancellation Pause


Through May 31st, 2020, GEICO suspended policy cancellations that were due to lack of payment. In addition to the pause, the gecko-backed insurance company also gave policyholders a 15% credit for their next auto, RV, and motorcycle premium terms. Go to GEICO's coronavirus resources page for more information.

Liberty Mutual - 15% Refund, No Late Fees, and Extended Payment Deadlines

liberty mutual

From March to June 2020, Liberty Mutual waived all late fees and extended payment deadlines, allowing customers to receive continued coverage through an extremely uncertain time. Customers were also given a 15% return on two months of personal auto insurance premiums. Learn more about what Liberty Mutual has done to help its customers and why SafeButler has partnered with them on the company's COVID-19 information page.

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