Overview of Auto Insurance in Oakland

As the 8th largest city in California, Oakland residents have a lot of insurance companies to choose from. With over 417,000 people living in Oakland, auto accidents are bound to happen. With a highly educated population, a lot of residents in Oakland can enjoy college degree discounts offered by many insurance companies. Major corporations (e.g. Clorox) are headquartered here, enabling a lot of residents to save money on insurance with professional discounts. Due to prop 103, California is one of the few states where credit scores cannot be used as an insurance rating factor. So residents in Oakland won't have to worry about poor credit history when shopping for insurance. Nearly half a million jobs are within half a mile of public transit in Oakland. Taking public transportation is a great way to drive less and save on auto insurance.

For a male driver living in Oakland, if he has 5 years of driving experience with a clean driving record, and drives a Honda Accord for about 13,000 miles per year, you can scroll down to see the auto insurance premiums charged by the insurance companies before any discount is applied. As you can see, the range is pretty wide.

Estimated Auto Insurance Premiums in Oakland

As you can see, the prices vary quite a lot in Oakland. If you're wondering what's the best option for you, click here to get free insurance quotes today.

Factors for Auto insurance premium

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Driving records
  • Annual mileage
  • Profession
  • Education background
  • Bundling of multi cars
  • Bundling of auto and home policies
  • Features of the car (e.g. anti-theft devices)

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