Comparing Average Renters Insurance Prices by State in 2018

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What kind of renters insurance rate can you expect in your area? We compiled data about Renters Insurance rates for every state. This list is updated on Jan 16, 2019.

Average Renters Insurance Rates for Every State

A word of caution, as you explore the list below, there is no doubt you will find a wide price range. The premium varies by locations, insurance companies and, more importantly, a renter's personal situation such as

Therefore it is important to recognize that there is no universal best or cheapest insurance company for everyone. What suits you most is personal and situational. Unless you get real guaranteed quotes across the board, there is a good chance you are leaving money on the table. Our data indicate that most consumers are spending too much time shopping for renters insurance. Our users were able to get cheap, quality coverage in under 5 minutes. If the hassle of quoting and switching is stopping you, or if you had previously been misled by lead-generation websites that do not give you a buy button next to the price, we invite you to find out how SafeButler is different. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else gets real quotes from ALL major insurance companies like we do.